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"Summer Nights" Citronella Candle

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As an avid outdoors lover myself, I found the traditional citronella candles to be very unpleasant. So I made my own!

These Insect Repelling products are an effective option that also provide a pleasant & soothing aroma. Comes in a hand painted concrete jar;  a perfect blend of essential oils like Citronella, Eucalyptus and Lemon. Which are ideal for repelling mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. These candles are ALL NATURAL and contain

ALL NATURAL essential oils imbue the candles with aroma therapeutic & insect repelling 

Each concrete jar is handmade and no two will look exactly alike. Expect variations.

Our jars are sealed inside with a non-toxic water-base sealant. To maintain a matted appearance the outside of the vessel is not sealed and as such is more prone to staining. Our labels are easily removable so that jars can be reused for other purposes.

    "Summer Nights" Citronella Candle
    "Summer Nights" Citronella Candle
    "Summer Nights" Citronella Candle
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    • Soy Wax Blend

      Our soy wax blend gives our candles a clean, long-lasting burn and a sophisticated fragrance to compliment your space.

    • Aromachology Based Fragrances

      When curating our custom fragrance blends, we use scientific studies to develop relationships between fragrance and emotions to make you feel good.

    • Phthalate Free & Non-Toxic

      Candles are made with your health in mind. Our formula has no parabens, phthalates, or Prop 65 ingredients. We also use Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes.

    • Long Lasting

      Luxury is a quality, long-lasting candle with less soot, and a scent that lingers long after you extinguish the flame.


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    Most orders are processed same business day so we might not be able to catch your message in time. Please email we will do our best to accommodate all order changes. Please review your order and make sure your address is correct. We are not responsible for orders shipped to the incorrect address.

    Do you accept wholesale orders?

    Yes, we are accepting new sellers! Please visit our wholesale page for more information

    How long will my candle burn

    If you use it correctly, your candle can last more than 45 hours!

    What countries do you ship to?

    We only ship to Canada and the United States at this time.