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Personalized Engraved Marble Wood Coasters

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Elevate your hosting game with our exquisite custom engraved marble wood coasters. Each set is a blend of natural beauty and personalized sophistication, designed to complement your home decor while adding a touch of individuality to every gathering.

Crafted from premium-quality wood and adorned with sleek marble tops, these coasters are a testament to both durability and elegance. What sets these apart is the opportunity for personalization. Engrave your initials, a meaningful date, or a special message onto these coasters, turning them into treasured keepsakes or thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

The marriage of classic materials and customizable design ensures that these coasters not only protect surfaces but also become a conversation piece, sparking admiration and adding a distinctive charm to any table setting.

Whether for your home or as a personalized present, our custom engraved marble wood coasters bring a touch of sophistication and sentimentality to every sip.
    Personalized Engraved Marble Wood Coasters
    Personalized Engraved Marble Wood Coasters
    Personalized Engraved Marble Wood Coasters
    Personalized Engraved Marble Wood Coasters
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    Most orders are processed same business day so we might not be able to catch your message in time. Please email we will do our best to accommodate all order changes. Please review your order and make sure your address is correct. We are not responsible for orders shipped to the incorrect address.

    Do you accept wholesale orders?

    Yes, we are accepting new sellers! Please visit our wholesale page for more information

    How long will my candle burn

    If you use it correctly, your candle can last more than 45 hours!

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    We only ship to Canada and the United States at this time.